Facts & Stats
Population: 665
Elevation: 812 feet
Location: On US-97, 20 miles north of Lake Chelan and 80 miles south of Canada, at the confluence of the Methow And Columbia Rivers.

General Info.
Incorporated: 1913
Congressional Dist.: #4
Legislative Dist.: #12
Area in limits: 387 Acres
Acres of Parks: 8.1
Miles of Streets: 6.34
Form of Government: Mayor & Council
County: Okanogan


Pateros has an arid climate with four very distinct seasons. With the four seasons come very different recreational activities and outdoor beauty. Most of the moisture comes in the form of snow during the winter months, which makes for some of the best snowmobiling around. Despite the lack of precipitation, there is lots of water to play on, in and around! And, the lack of precipitation doesn't hurt our  thriving agricultural industry thanks to the irrigation from the Columbia River and others.

Annual Precipitation: 10-12 inches

Temperatures: These can vary but the average low is around 20 degrees, in December and January, the average high is about 95 degrees in late July and August. The sun likes to shine about 300 days a year!

Driving Distances
Seattle: via Hwy 20 - 246 miles
Everett: via Stevens - 175 miles
Spokane: 148 miles
Winthrop: 41 miles
Chelan: 20 miles
Wenatchee: 56 miles
Leavenworth: 75 miles
Grand Coulee: 57 miles
Penticton, BC: 123 miles

Pateros School District-

centennial_picture_band1.JPG344 Beach Street, Pateros, WA. 98846 Tel: 509-9232343 or 509-923-2283

K - 12 school with currently 280 students.  1 class per grade in the elementary school.

We average about 13.8 students per teacher, with  21 classroom teachers. Our teachers average about 17 years of experience, and 73.9% of them have a Master's Degree.  

2011-12 Average Student Enrollment:

Kindergarten - 20.80                                7th - 21.50

1st - 19.50                                              8th - 20.88

2nd - 22.40                                             9th - 29.62

3rd - 22.30                                             10th - 25.80

4th - 18.30                                             11th - 20.36

5th - 29.10                                             12th - 16.07

6th - 17.90

***exerpts from 2011-2012 Pateros School District Annual Report Card.

Pateros High school is in the top 10% of schools, and is being recognized as a High Progress High School in performance and improvement!

For more information on the Pateros school, please follow this link: