Kerri Wilson, Clerk - Treasurer
Phone: (509) 923-2571
The Finance Department is managed by the Clerk - Treasurer, Kerri Wilson, with the assistance of the Deputy Clerk. The department is responsible for the administration of all clerical and financial tasks of the city, including water and sewer utilities, code enforcement, and the building department.  The Clerk - Treasurer is also responsible for maintaining the recorded history of the city, including: preparing council agendas and minutes; managing the records of the city; reporting on the receipts, expenditures and fund balances of the city; and preparing the annual report and budgets for the city.


Utility Billing Department

The Deputy Clerk  is responsible for the billing of water, sewer and garbage utilities, accounts payable, accounts receivable, receipt of moneys, makes bank deposits and prepares reports as needed performing bookkeeping and routine clerical duties for the general activities of the city. The Deputy Clerk is also the Museum Coordinator, and is responsible for the care of the new Pateros Museum. Any questions, donations, or persons interested in volunteering should notify her.

Utility Payments Due on 1st - 15th of month

Delinquent charge added after 15th of month

For your convenience, there is a drop box located curb side in front of City Hall. It is opened every morning and all payments are processed prior to being assessed or disconnection of service for non-payment.


Cecilia Williams
Deputy Clerk/Museum Coordinator


Phone: (509) 923-2571




Garbage Collection

Garbage Collection is contracted out to Zippy Disposal Service, Inc. Each May the city revisits its contract. Rates are evaluated each year and increases are based on the CPI-U (Consumper Price Index All Urban Consumers). The Clerk and Deputy Clerk manage garbage collection for the city. 

Cecilia Williams
Deputy Clerk
Phone: (509) 923-2571



Building/Planning Department

The building department is responsible for regulations governing construction on private property. This includes building inspections and plan checking. If you are not sure if a building permit is required, please contact city hall. The Clerk manages the building department and is the administrator for planning and property applications, and environmental applications.
Kerri Wilson
City Clerk
Phone: (509) 923-2571






Fire Department

The Pateros Fire Department is led by Chief Kerry Heen. The city has an outstanding  volunteer fire department. We are very proud of our dedicated volunteers and are always looking for new volunteers. Fire practice is held on Thursday nights about 7pm. Newcomers are always welcome! Come check us out.


Kerry Heen
In Emergency Please Contact 911
City Hall (509) 923-2571


Law Enforcement

The city contracts with Okanogan County Sheriff's office for police services.

Emergency - 911
Non Emergency (509) 422-7232
City Hall (509) 923-2571


Jord Wilson, MLA, MBA
City Administrator - Public Works Supervisor
Phone: (o) 923-2571 (c) 449-9670
The City Administrator - Public Works Supervisor is responsible for management and coordination of public works, including the water and sewer utilities, stormwater, streets, and parks. The administrator also manages special projects, grants, and planning for the city including economic development. 

Level II Wastewater Operator Certification
Level II Water Distribution Manger Certification
Licensed Public Pesticide Applicator
ISA Certified Arborist

Sewer Department

The City Sewer Department provides sewer treatment services to most of the residents within the city limits, and processes about 1.5 million gallons of sewer a month. The Pateros Waste Water Treatment Plant is operated by Mike Lambert under the rules of Department of Ecology.  The treatment plant is located at 190 Lakeshore Drive. 



Mike Lambert

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator

Level II Wastewater Operator Certification
Level II Water Distribution Manager Certification
Contact City Hall: (509) 923-2571  

Water Department

 The Water Department is responsible for operation and maintenance of the water utility, including maintenance and operation of the city wells, reservoirs, meters, and distribution lines.  The city retired its two old reservoirs in 2018. The new city reservoir is 500,000 gallons. The system upgrade also included two new wells and pump stations. The water system serves about 300 connections.                                                                                                                                   


David Hunter

Water Department Operator

Level II Wastewater Operator Certification
Level II Water Distribution Manager Certification
Contact City Hall: (509) 923-2571  


Parks Department

The city maintains approximately eight acres of city parks. This includes Memorial Park, Peninsula Park, Methow Boat Launch Park, Riverside Access Park (the tennis courts), and Ives Landing Park. The City offers tennis courts, basketball hoops, playgrounds, boating facilities, RV facilities, walking trails, and swim beach facilities. Memorial Park and Ives Landing Park offers free showers and restroom facilities. 


Ryan Sisler

Park Facilities Manager

Level I Water Distribution Manager Certification
Licensed Public Pesticide Applicator
Contact City Hall: (509) 923-2571
Event and Facility Reservations are made by:
Cecilia Williams - Deputy Clerk
City Hall (509) 923-2571


Parks Assistant/Streets/Water/Sewer


Roman Nehls

Parks & Public Works

Licensed Public Pesticide Applicator