Tree City USA

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The Tree City USA program was founded in 1976 to celebrate towns and cities committed to growing their urban canopy. Led by the Arbor Day Foundation, with partners at USDA Forest Service and National Association of State Foresters, it provides the foundational framework necessary for communities to manage and expand their tree cover.

Pateros has been a Tree City USA member since 2013

After the Carlton Complex Fire Disaster of 2014, the Arbor Day Foundation Community Tree Recovery Program donated thousands of trees to the Okanogan Valley. It was the first time the Tree Recovery Program was offered in the Western half of the U.S. Thousands of trees were distributed over three years out of Twisp, Okanogan, and the Pateros Arbor Day Celebration. 

Pateros has also benefited from DNRs Urban and Community Forestry Program. At least four tree grants have been awarded to the City with tree plantings in parks, along streets, and in the Pateros Mall. 

Tree City USA Since 2014
Year Trees Planted Trees Removed Arbor Day Tree Notes
2014 56 20 Gingko on Mall DNR Tree Grant funded 37 trees;  20 trees removed from City right-of-way because of Carlton Complex Fire. 15 Birch along banks of Peninsula Park were planted as part of Arbor Day Activities (3 pine trees planted in ROW Park #1 day before fire)
2015 7 2 Oregon Green Pine next to Kitchen Gazebo in Memorial Park Hackberry at RV Dump station
2016 21 3 Caddo Maple next to Kitchen Gazebo in Memorial Park Chokecherry at Methow Boat Launch donated from Arbor Day Foundation Community Recovery Program 
2017 54 2 Ponderosa Pine at Methow Memorial Ives Landing/RR buffer planted. Large Norway Spruce removed at Peninsula Park due to wind damage; Large sycamore removed at Tennis Courts for Water System Project overflow pipe. 
2018 10 2 2 Red Oak on river/city hall side of Kitchen Gazebo in Memorial Park Trees at Pump Station #3 planted
2019 25   3 Birch planted at Tennis Courts new swim beach Downtown Pump Station  trees planted; Memorial tri-color beech planted in Memorial Park; 
2020 8 5 Sycamores along Lakeshore in Memorial Park; Gingko at Ives Landing Arbor Day Cancelled because of COVID. 
2021 2   Autumn Blaze Maple at Ives Landing Park and Tennis Courts Online/newsletter Arbor Day Celebration due to COVID Pandemic
2022 4   Kousa dogwood at Methow Boat Launch PUD kiosk Metasaquoia and Linden planted by PUD along new trail between Memorial and Ives Landing
2023 32 6 Forest Pansy 'Megan's Tree' @ landscape bulb out Lakeshore/Pavilion Parking Warren Avenue Project & City Hall/Memorial Planting
  219 40