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 Pateros is located in the sunny foothills of the eastern Cascades and on the shores of the Columbia and Methow Rivers. It is located on US-97, the Cascade Loop Scenic Highway, and the Okanogan Trails Scenic Byway. Pateros was officially incorporated on May 1, 1913. Pateros has a current population of 565. We are at the center of all your recreation activities. We have two water-front hotels, RV and boating facilities,  bakery and entertainment,  and numerous festivals in our lakeside parks, including the famous Apple Pie Jamboree. We welcome you to set up your recreation basecamp in Pateros and enjoy all four seasons of outdoor activities!


-Carlene Anders, Mayor





Dear Residents of Pateros,

The City of Pateros is following federal and state guidance in response to the COVID-19 crisis. On March 3rd I assembled the staff in preparation of the crisis, and directed staff to implement steps to protect essential services and staff of the City. I am working closely with Okanogan County Emergency Management, a vital partner in our City services. On March 16th the Pateros City Council declared a State of Emergency officially activating Emergency Preparedness Plans and the legal and emergency authorities of City government as prescribed by law.

 On March 24th, the Governor issued a stay-at-home-order. Following this guidance, the City will be implementing additional measures to protect the community, family, friends, and staff. Staff will be working individually on alternating shifts to implement the social distancing guidelines. 

City Hall will be closed through June 1st. Jord and Kerri will be working Monday-Friday. Staff will be available by phone and will be taking care of essential business and emergencies. There is a drop box at the curb for utility payments, and staff are available for payment by phone.

Public Works will be operating. Department of Ecology and Health have issued guidance on best practices during this crisis and staff are following these recommendations. It is vital that the City Public Works employees are protected and that they and their families stay healthy. Public Works staff will continue to be on duty and available to respond to emergencies. All non-emergency projects requiring teams will be suspended until after June 1st.

 Police are on duty. The Okanogan County Sherriff Department will continue to make routine visits in the City. Public works and City staff will also continue to monitor streets, parks, and facilities. You are encouraged to contact the Okanogan County Sherriff’s Department regarding mischievous or suspicious behavior.

Public Parks are open  for exercise activities for people practicing safe social distancing. Camping is still closed. Individual activities or activities with family members that live in the same household are acceptable, like taking a walk or run in the park. However, people should not play a game of basketball, soccer, or tennis with more than one family member of the same household.  

Be Safe! Stay Healthy! Check on your neighbor (by phone). I encourage the residents of Pateros to follow the guidelines set out by the State of Washington. Please go to the City website,, for additional information regarding the COVID-19 crisis.


Carlene Anders, Mayor

City of Pateros

Okanogan County Emergency Management manages the City emergency management system. Please sign up with the Emergency Alert System (right hand side of the page) to be informed of City and County alerts and emergency announcements.

For current and accurate information regarding COVID-19 visit Okanogan County Health Department


For City Utility Emergencies 

During regular hours, please call
City Hall (509) 923-2571
After hours or on weekends, please call 
City Administrator - Jord Wilson 449-9670
Sewer Dept. - Mike Lambert 733-0610
Water Dept. - Doug Kirk 449-1899

Emergency Alert System

Get Signed Up

Please text and OPT-IN so we can alert you.
Text “98846” to 888777
Go to to OPT-IN to alert system.


Please do not flush Disinfecting Wipes, Paper Towels or Flushable Wipes...Throw them away instead!  Flushing disinfecting wipes, flushable wipes, paper towels and similar products will clog sewer mainlines and cause backups and overflows at our treatment plant, disrupting service and creating unnecessary public health risk.  Even though the package says "flushable", flushable wipes clog pipes, plug pumps and interfere with sewage collections.  Wipes and paper towels do not break down like toilet paper.  Throw these in the garbage instead!

water_saving_1_inch.jpgWater Conservation Tips

Did you know?
Estimated Faucet Leakage Rates (number of drips)
60 drops/minute=171 gallons/month
90 drops/minute = 257 gallons/month
120 drops/minute = 342 gallons/month
Make sure your home is leak-free. when you are certain that no water is being used, take a reading of the water meter. Wait 30 minutes and then take a second reading. If the meter readings change, you have a leak! You can call Pateros Water Department, 923-2571, if you need help finding your meter.